RAK Weather

November 29, 2011 in Travel

The UAE is warm and pleasant from October through May (equivalent to Autumn, Winter, Spring in Europe) with an average temperature of approximately 25ºC. At other times of the year (Summer), daytime temperatures can soar above 40ºC with greater than 70% humidity. In the coolest months of December and January, daytime temperatures are rarely below a comfortable 22ºC with much lower humidity. Nights, during this period are lovely and cool as they usually are in the Desert.

Rain is rare, but because of the humidity it can get cloudy and hazy. Sometimes the thunder and lightning is spectacularly violent. If high winds cause sandstorms, it’s best to stay indoors as the spray of sand grains stings. If you happen to be driving beware of sand drifts which build up, especially on infrequently used roads traversing open desert areas.

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