What to Wear in UAE

November 29, 2011 in Travel

Hotel restaurants expect you to dress smart-casual for dinner. Some gourmet restaurants, especially in Dubai, require men to wear ties. Check when you make a booking.

Swimwear and shorts are perfectly acceptable on the beach and in the beach hotels. In public areas, both men and women should dress appropriately and respect the customs and culture of the local Arab people. If possible cover your knees and shoulders.

There’s a handy list on the Virtual Tourist web site of what to pack for a trip to Dubai – the same would apply in Ras Al Khaimah.

For non-Arabs, it’s natural to feel a little wary of doing the right thing in a country with strong Islamic traditions. That’s just the way way of the world today. Take Khalid’s advice and relax. Dress normally and you’ll be fine and find yourself very welcomed by the local Emirati people.