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Welcome to the Royal Breeze and the start of your luxury holiday. With seven pools, stunning golf course, beaches, hotels, restaurants and shopping, Al Hamra Village is ideal for relaxation. See our photo library for more information and to book Villa Bahari, please visit the Reservations and Bookings Section. We look forward to welcoming you to the Royal Breeze.

Photo library of places and things in and around Al Hamra Village, including your one-stop-shop for Villa Bahari pictures.

Master Bedroom 1 with Terrace Access
and Great Views
Bedroom 2 (with opening to Master Bedroom)
Bedroom 3 with Terrace Access… …and Great Views
Bedroom 4 with Terrace Access Bedroom 1 Ensuite Bathroom

Rear of Villa Bahari from Golf Course Garden Terrace with Golf Course view
Terrace Furniture Roof Terrace with Golf Course and Lagoons view

Living + Dining


The Beach front at Al Hamra Fort Hotel
(can be used for a small daily fee)
The new beach area for Al Hamra Village residents

Windsurfing and Jet-Skiing at Al Hamra Fort Hotel
Sailing and the Marina

Some of the 8 Swimming Pools in the Vicinity
(exclusively for Al Hamra Village residents)

One of several children’s playgrounds

Golf Action Day and Night at Al Hamra Golf Club (discount Green Fees on request)

Sunset Over Al Hamra

The Al Hamra Mall The Village Pub

Miscellaneous Info

November 30, 2011 in Information

The following is additional information about the Villa and the Al Hamra resort complex that you will find useful.

  • All bedrooms are air-conditioned and sleep two in comfort.  Bedding (Egyptian cotton sheets, duvets, pillows, cushions) are supplied. To provide flexible and more spacious living options the Master and Second (Study) Bedrooms are connected through which is ideal for families wanting to have young ones close by.
  • The en-suite bathroom is easily accessed from both master bedroom 1 and second (study) bedroom 2. Ample soft fluffy cotton towels are provided, including beach/pool towels.
  • Swimming Pools, Beaches and Lagoons are not public and access is provided for your (and residents’) exclusive use.
  • Golf passes can be arranged at a discount on request.
  • Transport by Taxi is cheap, fast and efficient.
  • Take-away food from nearby restaurants on the complex is just a phone call away. Food and alcohol can be purchased very easily at the Mall supermarket and off-licenses respectively.

Driving to Al Hamra Village

November 29, 2011 in Travel

In theory you could Dune Bash your way to Al Hamra Village, but there is a more relaxing way to do this driving along the excellent north-bound highway out of Dubai.

Before you set out please note:

  • Petrol (Gas) stations in the UAE do not take credit cards.
  • Cars are driven on the right hand side in UAE.



  1. From Dubai, get on the Emirates Highway E311 (towards Sharjah, in the north). If you’re starting out from Dubai International Airport, take the Airport Road towards the E311. The E311 highway will take you directly to RAK in an hour at the speed limit. Be careful not to take the E311 south towards Abu Dhabi.
  2. Leave the E311 at exit 110 and take the road to Al Hamra. Go through a couple of roundabouts and drive through the desert dunes and beware of stray camels and sand drifts.
  3. Continue to the T-junction, turn right. You are on the main coastal road heading straight to Al Hamra. You will see Al Hamra Mall to your left after passing the ENOC petrol station. From this point, Al Hamra Village, Al Hamra Fort Hotel, Golf Club/Course, Marina, and Royal Breeze complex are all to your left and ahead extending for about 1 mile (1.5 kms).
  4. Proceed along the main road, you will pass by Al Hamra, and look out for Majan Print factory on your right and stay in the left lane.
  5. Opposite Majan Print Factory a filter road on your left allows you to make a U-turn and head back towards Al Hamra.
  6. Make the U-turn and after about 100 meters turn right towards the Marina and Royal Breeze complex, which will be sign-posted.
  7. Take the main road for about 1/2 mile towards the sea front and bear left past the sea-facing side of the Royal Breeze Apartment Buildings. At Sophia Street turn left, and then at Moscow Street turn left again. Follow Moscow past RB2 and RB3. Just beyond RB3 you will find the Villa TA-31 on your right hand side.
  8. Park your car in the car port. Welcome!


Use the Google Maps driving directions below for more precise instructions. They begin at the Airport Road approaching the E311 from Dubai International Airport and end at the Majan Print factory (step 4 above):

RAK Weather

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The UAE is warm and pleasant from October through May (equivalent to Autumn, Winter, Spring in Europe) with an average temperature of approximately 25ºC. At other times of the year (Summer), daytime temperatures can soar above 40ºC with greater than 70% humidity. In the coolest months of December and January, daytime temperatures are rarely below a comfortable 22ºC with much lower humidity. Nights, during this period are lovely and cool as they usually are in the Desert.

Rain is rare, but because of the humidity it can get cloudy and hazy. Sometimes the thunder and lightning is spectacularly violent. If high winds cause sandstorms, it’s best to stay indoors as the spray of sand grains stings. If you happen to be driving beware of sand drifts which build up, especially on infrequently used roads traversing open desert areas.

See weather forecast for RAK.

What to Wear in UAE

November 29, 2011 in Travel

Hotel restaurants expect you to dress smart-casual for dinner. Some gourmet restaurants, especially in Dubai, require men to wear ties. Check when you make a booking.

Swimwear and shorts are perfectly acceptable on the beach and in the beach hotels. In public areas, both men and women should dress appropriately and respect the customs and culture of the local Arab people. If possible cover your knees and shoulders.

There’s a handy list on the Virtual Tourist web site of what to pack for a trip to Dubai – the same would apply in Ras Al Khaimah.

For non-Arabs, it’s natural to feel a little wary of doing the right thing in a country with strong Islamic traditions. That’s just the way way of the world today. Take Khalid’s advice and relax. Dress normally and you’ll be fine and find yourself very welcomed by the local Emirati people.